Brick Cleaning . . .

                                                                                 ” Bring It Back  To Its FormER Glory “

Cleaning / Restoration / Maintenance

Brick Cleaning ...

"Bring It Back To Its Formal Glory"

Brick Cleaning

Bricks are the most commonly used building material. Becuase of their versatility and strength bricks have been around for centuries.

There are many different types of brick and each brick have different properties and requires a different cleaning technique.

Naturally due to the exposure to atmospheric pollutants, the weather and the general public, most bricks will over time become damaged, stained by traffic pollution and organic matter growing on the surface.  In some cases by an act of vandalism by graffiti. Traditionally residential property owners have been covering them with paint to protect them from the exposure to the elements. 

This could leave your brickwork looking damaged and unsightly.

Whatever the damage may be Oil, Paint, Graffiti, Concrete or Organic growth on the surface, Captec Services can offer an effective cleaning solution to tackle all types of contamination. 

If you need your brick facade cleaned, on a new build or existing property, restored an old looking brick facade to its formal glory, or have years of paint coatings removed? 

You could be sure that Captec Services experienced surveyors will recommend the most effective procedures for the brick cleaning task at hand and our skilled team will make you building looking clean and smart again. 

Captec Services will provide a range of non-impactive, as well as impactive cleaning methods to remove pollutants and dirt from your brickwork without causing damage to the substrate. With our vast range of access equipment like cherry pickers or rope access, we will be able to undertake exterior cleaning to your building with minimal disruption.

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Abseiling and Rope Access

Captec Services provides brick cleaning services for Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Residential sectors.

Supporting a client base of Managing agents,  Building Contractor, Surveyors, Architects and other agents throughout  the UK.

PASMA And Mobile Scaffold Towers

Specific operatives for specific tasks, as with our rope access operatives we have members of the teams that hold PASMA tickets, having been trained on the correct use of a mobile scaffold tower, erection and dismantle.

IPAF And Mobile Elevated Platforms or Cherry Pickers

IPAF training covers the safe operation of lorry mounted access platforms and mobile platforms such as a Spider, Genie, and Scissor Lifts. Again our operatives are specifically trained and only work on the equipment they have been trained on. We can provide a machine for every occasion, requirement, height and outreach.

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Many technologies available
  • High-pressure cold jetting
  • Steam cleaning
  • Media blasting
  • Nebulous system
  • Chemical wash and treatment
  • Poultice cleaning
Specialist aftercare
  • Surface polishing & restoration
  • Protective coating
  • Specialist protective sealants
All types of stone and brick
  • General grime and dirt clean
  • Environmental polluting clean
  • Accidental damage Concrete splashes and mortar clean
  • Acid wash Moss and algae removal and treatment
  • Black sulfation crust removal