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                                                                          ” Pressure Washing | Steam Cleaning | Soft Wash” 

Cleaning / Restoration / Maintenance

Professional Cladding Cleaning ...

"Pressure Washing | Steam Cleaning | Soft Wash


For our Cladding cleaning, we use  “Steam” Super-Heated Water cleaning like TheramTech, Torik, Doff, as well as hot & cold pressure jetting, SoftWash for all exterior surfaces. Our skilled professional teams are always using the latest cleaning equipment with a combination of specialist cutting-edge cleaning products.

We provide cladding cleaning to factories, warehouses large distribution centres and many others. 

Our experienced surveyors will recommend the best, safest and most cost-effective cladding cleaning method to suit your building.

High-pressure cleaning is not always the answer as many alternative cleaning methods should be considered. 

Since there are many different types of cladding like Powder Coated Aluminium, Upvc Plastic, Stainless Steel or Glass.

Each type of cladding requires careful cleaning approach to ensure that the cleaning process does not cause damage to the surface. 

As well as cladding cleaning we can provide a restoration service for degraded and faded cladding.

This will improve the look of the building and is far more cost-effective that re-coating dilapidated panels.  

No job is too big or too small, we can also carry out works at any height via rope access or from mobile access platforms.

Our Protective and Preservative coatings and sealants will bring down the cost of your maintenance programs.

This is achieved by prolonging the clean appearance of your building.

We have all the equipment and knowledge to carry out all types of high-level cleaning work.

Extendable Poles

With Health & Safety in mind and with the introduction of cleaning with Water Fed Poles to reduce and virtually eliminate the use of ladders, we took on board this innovative method as soon as it was introduced to the market. If there is a safer way of cleaning available, that is the method you should be using, so although we still use ladders, cleaning with Water Fed Poles has taken precedence and all of our vehicles are equipped with the latest systems.  Utilising extendable poles system with our soft washing applicator will deliver fantastic and long lasting results.

Abseiling and Rope Access

We provide low and high-level cladding cleaning services for Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Residential sectors, supporting a client base of facility managers, surveyors, residential managing agents and facility management companies across the UK.

PASMA And Mobile Scaffold Towers

Specific operatives for specific tasks, as with our rope access operatives we have members of the teams that hold PASMA tickets, having been trained on the correct use of a mobile scaffold tower, erection and dismantle.

IPAF And Mobile Elevated Platforms or Cherry Pickers 

IPAF training covers the safe operation of lorry mounted access platforms and mobile platforms such as a Spider, Genie, and Scissor Lifts. Again our operatives are specifically trained and only work on the equipment they have been trained on. We can provide a machine for every occasion, requirement, height and outreach.


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All types of buildings and materials:

  • Steel Cladding
  • Powder coated cladding
  • Timber Cladding
  • PVC
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polyester coating
  • HDP
  • Aluminium
All industry standard technologies available:

  • High-pressure cold jetting
  • Steam cleaning | ThermaTech | Torik | Doff
  • Chemical wash and treatment
  • Soft Wash
  • Surface polishing & restoration
  • Protective coating
  • Specialist protective sealants