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Protection & Preservation ...

"Protect It For Longer Lasting Results"

Preservation is an endeavor that seeks to preserve, conserve and protect your assets

Surface protection & Hydrophobic Impregnation

Penetrating water repellents provide colourless, long lasting protection against the effects of water, including wet/dry, freeze/thaw cycles which can cause structural and aesthetic damage.


Surfaces treated with water, oil and stain repellents resist staining from food, oil and water whilst retaining their natural colour, texture and readability. They are water based and is effective on both external and internal applications.

Range of protective products

PROSOCO STMP is a waterborne penetrating fluro-polymer water, oil and stain repellent. This easy to use, low VOC, low odour protective treatment improves the stain resistance and simplifies maintenance cleaning of interior and exterior stone, quarry tile, concrete and masonry surface

PROSOCO Limestone and Marble Protector are a clear, penetrating water and oil repellents for use on interior and exterior limestone and marble surfaces. LMP does not form a glossy surface film or darken the masonry surface. Treated surfaces retain their natural colour, texture and appearance

PROSOCO SL100 Water Repellent is a clear, penetrating neat silane that offers invisible protection and low volatility. SL100 protects concrete and masonry surfaces against water and waterborne contaminant

PROSOCO SLX100 Water and Oil Repellent combine water and oil repellency to prevent staining by waterborne or oily substances and many types of graffiti. This clear, penetrating neat silane offers invisible protection and low volatility

PROSOCO Weather Seal Siloxane PD is a ready to use, water-based silane/siloxane water repellent. Designed for use on concrete and masonry surfaces, Siloxane PD penetrates more deeply than conventional water or solvent based water repellents. Low odour and alkaline stable, Siloxane PD is ideal for field or in-plant application to colour sensitive concrete, GFRC, most masonry and stucco surfaces. Application equipment, window glass and areas affected by overspray are easily cleaned with soap and water

PROSOCO Saltguard WB is a ready to use water-based, VOC compliant silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen for the protection of concrete and masonry surfaces. Saltguard WB penetrates more deeply than conventional water or solvent based water repellents. Low odour and alkaline stable, Saltguard WB is ideal for field or in-plant application to concrete and most masonry surfaces. Saltguard WB protects horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attack of chloride salt

PROSOCO Sand Joint Stabiliser controls erosion of loose sand joints commonly employed with interlocking concrete pavers, clay pavers, natural stone or decorative concrete paving. This durable, blended polymer consolidates loose sand joints and protects treated paving from water penetration and related staining. Loose laid paved surfaces treated with Sand Joint Stabiliser resist weed growth and are easier to maintain

PROSOCO OH Consolidation Treatment. The intent of conservation treatment is to restore the structural integrity to the crumbling, decaying masonry, OH Consolidation Treatment is based on silicic ethyl esters. Their extremely small molecular structure enables then to penetrate deeply into deteriorated masonry surfaces, collecting at contact points between individual stone grains. An internal catalyst and atmospheric humidity then converts the liquid consolidant into a glass like silicon dioxide (siO2) gel which binds the stone particles together. Exhibiting chemical characteristics which are virtually identical to that of the natural stone, the newly deposited SiO2 cementing matrix replaces the stone’­s natural cement, which has been lost due to weathering influences

Approved  RENOLIT Dealer

Customise a building by renovating its facade. This simple concept is behind the RENOLIT REFACE range of highperformance films. And property owners benefit in three ways. They save expensive repainting or remodeling, they
can look forward to greater long-term value and their property improves in appearance.
RENOLIT REFACE gives buildings an attractive appearance and facades look like new again. You can refresh the shell
of a building quickly, cost-effectively, cleanly and durably with the innovative, self-adhesive, multi-layer film from
RENOLIT. The weathering-resistant film covers metal facades or facade elements like a second skin and lets
them radiate.
And furthermore: RENOLIT REFACE also scores in terms of sustainability. Property owners can not only dispense
with repeated expensive repainting but also no new metal facade panels need to be ordered or disposed of.

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